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Our company was set up after a family member unfortunately suffered a stroke in 2012. At 80 years of age and after the stroke, she was unable to access her bath to take a shower. Faced with the unfortunate choice to renovate her bathroom in the cheapest way possible, I realised that the only thing that was preventing her from using her current bathroom was the height of the side of the bath. After some initial surveying and examination, I decided that by cutting away the side panel, it could be possible to retain the integrity of the bath whilst also eliminating the obstacle.


Why Choose us

Our Goal

Our Goal was to provide a safe and cost effective way to convert your bathroom to suit your changing needs. Being able to restore independence to people’s lives is a source of great relief to both them and their family. With some encouragement from visitors from the Stroke Association, I was encouraged to take my conversion and produce it commercially.

Who we are

We are a family run, British company that proudly covers the whole of the UK. Our products are manufactured and produced from the highest quality materials in the North West of England. We provide solutions that help to maintain and restore independence that may have been lost.

Our Aim

After seven years of production, manufacturing and installation, our business has seen exceptional growth and evolution. We have helped so many people gain access to their bathtubs and showers again, all whilst keeping the renovations as cost effective as possible. Our aim has always been to provide exceptional service and we are very proud of the work that Convertabath has done over the years.


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The whole process is designed to be as quick and minimally invasive as possible. After initial assessment of your bath the total conversion time is generally around the 3 hour mark. Shorter timescales means lower costs and a fraction of the upheaval caused by a major renovation. We can start and complete the whole job within one day. Any additions to your conversion, including safety grab handles and non slip coatings can be added at the same time as the conversion.

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